Diving in the diving pool

Diving in the diving pool

Diving is an activity that requires a high level of self-discipline, concentration and professional guidance. It is very important to have a good diving instructor who will know to transfer to you all the skills you need. The experience of diving moves the boundaries of one’s own abilities and the person becomes more satisfied.

Diving is not a solitary activity. For safety, diving is always in teams or at least in pairs. The diver is directed to his partner that can help him at any time. That is why there is a special training that, in addition to professional and precise knowledge, includes the development of solidarity and concern for others, which are the values without we as the society, can not survive. In this way young people develop empathy and sense of community.

By advancing technology, diving has become a popular and relatively easy-to-access activity.

At Hotel Villa Magdalena you can arrange a Discovery dive into a 5 m deep diving pool (includes preparation, equipping and diving), Apnea diving program with professional support or licensed OWD course that lasts 4 days for 3h daily. Diving takes place in Aquae Vivae water park.

More information: https://www.villa-magdalena.net/en/diving-in-the-diving-pool/

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