Spa foot ring (Krapinske Toplice)

Spa foot ring (Krapinske Toplice)

a foot ring
Gentle hills that surround Krapinske Spa woven are many paths and trails. While walking paths Zagorje lungs by inhalation. Walking trails help preserve health, increase physical fitness, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and medical rehabilitation (with the required professional medical supervision).
Given the degree of stress the organism walking is divided into three main groups:

MEDICAL COURSE – moving these tracks is a pleasant walk, and with an adequate program provides affected persons the return of certain functional capacity of heart and circulatory system and acquiring the habit of maintaining the existing functions of life. With the required konzulataciju a physician can be used by people parts of the damaged health (patients with cardiovascular disorders)

REKRATIVNE TRAILS – Trail of free movement and rest, suitable for the maintenance of health and prevention of cardiovascular disease

Jogging path – path to increase physical fitness of healthy individuals. With the program of exercises for stretching, walking to raise physical condition, and the accumulated reserve physical strength.

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Krapinske Toplice

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