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Restaurant Villa Magdalena, Krapinske Toplice

chef Mislav Božić - Restoran Villa Magdalena, Krapinske Toplice
Terasa restorana Villa Magdalena, Krapinske Toplice

Restaurant Villa Magdalena, Krapinske Toplice

The fine dining restaurant within Hotel Villa Magdalena is a place for premium gastro experiences.Its offer is based on the best of the traditional Zagorje cuisine combined with elements of modern Italian and French cuisines.

The menu is inspired by seasonal ingredients and changes frequently to ensure that the ingredients are always fresh. The restaurant is particularly proud of its multi-course meals encouraging guests to enjoy various combinations of tastes and unique presentation of food.

The restaurant in Hotel Villa Magdalena is the most award-winning restaurant in the region.

The restaurant also features a wine list including over 50 quality and premium Croatian wines.

Restaurant is opened every day from 10 AM to 10 PM for all guests.

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