Jaccuzy in the living room with thermal water?

Jaccuzy in the living room with thermal water?

Sounds relaxing and romantic. Yes, in every room/suite in Hotel Villa Magdalena you can enjoy bathing in jaccuzi filled with thermal water from the spings while having a beautiful panoramic view of little city of Krapinske Toplice.

 Find out more on https://www.villa-magdalena.net/en/jacuzzy-in-room-and-suite/ .

Thermal water in Krapinske Toplice comes from four hyper thermal water springs, temperature 39-41°C. It contains lots of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Hydro carbonate and almost no Sulphur which makes the scent of water so mild. Water has a slight natural radioactive effect which helps with spine, elbow and locomotors system diseases as well as with rheum, sciatica, coronary diseases and vascular and circulation diseases.


  • Hyperthermal – temperature 41°C.
  • It flows from limestone and belongs to akratothermes
  • The amount of dissolved minerals is 450mg/L
  • From chemical perspective:
    • Cations of:
      • calcium – Ca++ = 52,4 mg/l
      • magensium – Mg++2 = 31,5 mg/l
    • Anions of:
      • hydrocarbonate – (HCO3)– = 293,0 mg/l
      • sulphate – (SO4)– = 39,7 mg/l

Water is evaluated as the 6th of highest quality water in Europe.


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